March Cause: Operation Underground Railroad

March Cause: Operation Underground Railroad

Infinite Cares is proud to support Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) as our monthly cause. OUR is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to ending human trafficking and slavery around the world. Through their efforts, OUR has rescued over 4,000 victims and assisted in the arrest of more than 2,000 traffickers.

OUR works closely with law enforcement agencies and governments to rescue victims and bring traffickers to justice. They also provide aftercare to survivors, which includes medical care, counseling, education, and vocational training. OUR’s mission is to not only rescue victims but also to provide them with the tools they need to build a new life.

Our contribution will be used to support OUR’s ongoing efforts to rescue victims and provide aftercare. With our support, OUR will be able to reach more victims and provide them with the care they need to recover and thrive. We believe that by supporting OUR, we are helping to make the world a safer and more just place for all. It’s important to note that approximately 90% of donations to OUR go directly toward their programs and services. This means that our contribution will have a direct impact on the lives of survivors and the fight against human trafficking.

We are honored to support Operation Underground Railroad and its vital work. By coming together as a community and supporting organizations like OUR, we can make a difference in the lives of those impacted by human trafficking and slavery. Join us in supporting this important cause and help us make a difference.