about us

Welcome to Infinite Cares, where we highlight the charitable and philanthropic endeavors undertaken by Infinite Consulting Corp, its dedicated employees, and its esteemed President/Founder, Eric Hirani. Our contributions extend across a range of initiatives, including scholarships, industry causes, charitable efforts, community engagement, and more.

At Infinite Cares, our mission is to allocate our time, funds, and energy toward initiatives that foster positive change in our world. We believe that every individual can make a difference, and we encourage everyone to discover causes that align with their passions and actively seek ways to contribute. Whether it’s through volunteering, fundraising, or advocating for meaningful causes, we are dedicated to inspiring and empowering others to join us on this journey towards creating a brighter, more compassionate world.

Every day, we at Infinite strive to answer the following question: “Did I make a positive impact on the people around me?” Guided by this principle, which is rooted in the Infinite Fundamentals, we are committed to improving the communities we serve and making the world a better place. With this ethos at the forefront of our efforts, we aim to embody compassion, integrity, and empathy in all that we do. Through Infinite Cares, we continue to uphold these values and make meaningful contributions towards creating a brighter, more inclusive world.


Friends of St. Dominic’s

Eric Hirani, President of the Infinite Companies, was awarded the Outstanding Community Leader by Friends of St. Dominic’s. This award is granted to outstanding individuals, whose leadership, virtue, and service in the community are quite remarkable. Saint Dominic’s Family Services empowers children, adults, and families facing challenges to thrive in their communities and reach their full potential by addressing their needs with compassion, dignity, and care. Built on the values of compassion, dignity, family, trust, potential, and hope, values that are the promise to the people served, forming the basis of all the organization’s work, Saint Dominic’s has helped thousands of individuals who would otherwise be forgotten since its inception.

City and State Top 100 Responsible

Eric Hirani, President of the Infinite Companies received the City and State Top 100 Responsible award. The Responsible 100 honors New York’s most outstanding responsible executives, thought leaders, visionaries, and influencers who are setting new standards of excellence, dedication, and leadership in improving their communities and making transformative change. Honorees embody one or more of the Core Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility: Charity, Diversity, Environment & Sustainability, Equity, Ethics, Privacy, Sourcing, Transparency, Volunteerism, and Community Engagement.

Paul Harris Fellow – Rotary

Eric Hirani, President of the Infinite Companies was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow from Rotary International. Rotary established the recognition in 1957 to encourage and show appreciation for substantial contributions to what was then the Foundation’s only program, Rotary Foundation Fellowships for Advanced Study, the precursor to Ambassadorial Scholarships.